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All Star Cheer is a competitive sport in which boys and girls perform a 2 minute and 30 second routine composed of various stunting and tumbling skills. Routines are fast paced, high intensity, and most importantly, FUN!


All star cheerleading is solely focused on Competition vs traditional cheerleading which focuses on cheering for various sports teams.

All Star cheer gyms compete at local and state levels and can potentially earn the opportunity to compete at National and/or World levels. 

Why do all star cheer?

  • Build confidence

  • Learn new skills

  • Meet new people

  • Make lasting friendships

  • Be involved

  • Build character

  • Get a good workout

  • Do something you LOVE!

Time & Financial Commitment

All Star Cheer is a year long commitment. Practice is held twice a week for 2-3 hours (2-6 hours per week) and 

 competition season starts late November. The Hive competes at approximately 9-13 competitions each year.

Please call about financial commitment

Melissa - 801-836-2306

How do I join?

  1. Contact the Hive

  2. Attend the Parents Meeting on Zoom on Monday, May 16th

  3. Fill out required paperwork

  4. Attend tryouts on May 17th-May 19th for team placements - everyone who tries out will be given a team placement based on age, skills, and experience! We'll find the best fit for your athlete!

  5. If you need to know what day to try out, contact us!

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